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Mitch would love to hear from you, and he answers his e-mails personally. You may contact him at Mitch Martin, Author. You may also write Mitch at P.O. Box 2368, Washington, MO   63090.

You can also request Mitch to do a book signing. He really enjoys visiting with his readers.

If you you are interested in purchasing an autographed book from Mitch, please e-mail him at mcmartin@yhti.net or write to him. Mitch will be glad to send you a signed book as follows:

  • Hardcover - $22.49 + $5.00 S&H
  • Softcover - $12.95 + $5.00 S&H

Please keep in mind that the request via e-mail for the signed book is not secure. If you contact Mitch for a book, he will notify you how to submit your mailing information and payment.

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